Bob Dee with Petro: Hard Rocker, Singer-Songwriter, New Album “Pretty Things”

Bob_Dee in Window
Bob Dee of Bob Dee with Petro in NYC.

Bob Dee, musician, singer-songwriter, founder of his band Petro, with an international following and I met in a Times Square, New York City music studio where Bob was writing and working on new songs for his next tour.

With black wires of all lengths and diameter circling the floor, crawling the wall — all but jumping to the rhythm of his last electrified song and the amplifiers vibrating in short-term memory of Bob’s hard-driving beat, we pulled up some well-worn wooden chairs and began to talk.

Bob_Dee WRITING ON SMARTPHONEBob Dee writing a song on his smartphone. 

SUZE BIENAIMEE: What inspires you to write and perform your music with your band Petro?

BOB DEE: The short answer is my fans!

Every day when I check my email I hear from my fans from around the world — England, Europe, Asia, South America as well as the United States of America and Canada — everywhere! They tell me how they love my music and how much I inspire them.

They make me so happy and I feel a responsibility to be a good role model. I have a hard-rocker persona, but I know my fans know I’m a nice guy and it makes me really not want to screw up; I feel so responsible for inspiring them because they inspire me!

Bob_Dee B&W sq BW

Now here’s a great story and definitely a classic courtship move. One fan said his girlfriend broke up with him, he was heartbroken, but knew his girlfriend loved my music, so he went under her window and played my songs with speakers on his smartphone as loud as he could! He reported they got back together.

Another fan likes to study while listening to my music and he wrote he got his best grades ever. I think that’s so cool.

Bob Dee Rocks

Bob in the studio: working on the chorus of a new song. 

One day I got an email from a fan who lives alone in a rain forest, works hard all day and the only thing that gets him by is my music. He wrote he was on the edge of suicide — it broke my heart. Of course I was afraid for him and very frustrated — he was so far away and I’m not a medical professional by any stretch of the imagination. I wrote back and urged him to get help — a therapist, a hotline, an emergency room. He did find help. We stayed in touch by email over the next year and thankfully he got through this crisis. Whew! He credits me with saving his life, but he did it by getting the help needed. I’m just glad he reached out and I could encourage him in the right direction.

Anytime I hear from a fan and they write of some kind of trouble they are in it really bothers me; I feel helpless, but I’m glad they reach out, so I can encourage them to get help in their community, especially the fan who sounded like he was in real danger.

Another memorable time, about six months after the 9/11 attack, I got a letter from an elementary school teacher from just across the Hudson River from New York City and the Twin Towers. She and her students saw the whole thing from their classroom windows. She wanted me to know my song, Angels Cry, got them through the next few months. The children sang it every day.

Bob hums, strums his guitar and begins to sing a beautiful acoustic version of Angels Cry:

Woke up with indecision.
Worlds crash, blurred my vision.
Bought a ticket to the end of a rainbow
just to see if I could clear my mind.

I watched the stars crash into the sea
Swam the river like therapy
Young people with minds to feed
lost their vision. Time to set them free.

Every time when I look to the sky
I hear a message, when the angels cry
They tell a story, make a blind man see
If we use our minds, we’ll make history.

‘Cause I really want to change the world.
‘Cause I really want to change the world.

When you hear the angels cry
try to make a better place.
Let the sunshine in
When you hear angels cry.
Set your mind free.
You’ll make history.

‘Cause I really want to change the world.
‘Cause I really want to change the world.
(Words and music to Angel’s Cry copyright by DelBuono.)

SUZE BIENAIMEE: Wow, your fans rock! Beautiful and definitely inspiring! Thank you Bob.

Bob Dee inspires!

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Bob_Dee w: birds

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