StudioSeedsKids: Gracie — Tons of Inspiration & Creativity

Grace! A most inspired young girl!
Gracie! A most inspired and creative girl!

Meet Gracie! At just seven years old she has boundless inspiration and creativity to share.

StudioSeeds is not just for adults; inspiration and creativity start in childhood and Gracie has lots and lots! I’m honored to have her on StudioSeeds.

Gracie is an amazing kid. She bakes the yummiest cakes and cookies, dances in formal recitals, makes her own dancing videos, loves all types of fashion and created what I like to call “Gracie’s Great Emoji Project” — it is a delight.

SUZE BIENAIMEE: Gracie, welcome to StudioSeeds! I’m so excited to have you here to share your passion with StudioSeeds readers! What inspires you?

GRACIE: I love baking, dancing, fashion and emojis!



Gracie on Baking: It’s fun; I like putting all the ingredients together and then I get to eat what I make!

Grace Bakes
Gracie the Baker
Grace Bakes Cake
Gracie’s Cake: Guess her favorite half, strawberry or chocolate?
Grace Bakes Cookies
Gracie’s Rainbow Chocolate Cookies!



Gracie on Dancing: I like to actually dance — the movement. I like all kinds of dancing and music.

Grace Dance Recital Blue 2016
Grace Dance pink Veil Standing

Grace Dance Recital Pink w: Stars
Gracie ready for her dance recital.
Grace Dance Recital Pink
Gracie: off to her dance recital soon.
Gracie dancing on the table in a music video she made.


Gracie on Fashion:  I like the making of fashion and wearing it too. I’m making a shirt right now.

Grace Fashion Catwalk
Gracie on the runway at her fashion show wearing the clothes she made.
Grace Fashion on a bicycle
Gracie’s Biker Fashion


Grace Fashion Ready for Camp
Gracie’s Camper Fashion
Grace Fashion Ornathalogist
Gracie in birdwatching fashion looking at an indigo bunting. She’s a budding ornithologist too!
Grace Fashion Model #1
Gracie: Back to School Fashion
Grace Fashion Model #2
Gracie: More Back to School Fashion


Grace Fashion Princess
Gracie: Princess Fashion

Gracie photographing her favorite fashion at the Metropolitan Museum’s “Manus × Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” exhibit:

Grace Fashion at MetGrace Fashion at Met #2



Gracie on Emojis: I like the kissy face with the heart eyes best.

The following photos are by Gracie for “Gracie’s Great Emoji Project”:

Selfie: Grace as Emoji
Selfie: Gracie as Emoji

Grace Emoji 9 in a squareGrace Emojis - 6 on one pillow


Grace Emoji Red blue green heart eyes
Gracie likes this kissing emoji with the heart eyes best!
Grace Emoji Dress
Gracie in her Emoji Dress

SUZE BIENAIMEE: Gracie! Wow! You are so creative and inspiring! Thank you for being on StudioSeeds.

UPDATE: Gracie, now eight years old, staring as Sandy in Grease!

Gracie, StudioSeedsKid, is Sandy in Grease the Musical, 2017, 8 years old!

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