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StudioSeeds is for conversations exploring inspiration and the seeds of creativity.

What inspires artists, poets, environmentalists, scientists, doctors, historians, collectors, philosophers, geeks? Click on a photo or the detailed list to the right to meet some fascinating people. Enjoy!


Liz Adams: Artist of Joy and the Soul — Infinitely Inspired! 


Dr. Jacqueline Faherty: Astrophysicist; Educator; Activist


Dr. Steven Lomazow: History through American Magazines


Elizabeth Polanco: Spoken Word Artist, Dancer


Setsuko Winchester: Yellow Bowl Conceptual Art Project


Molly Peacock: Poet with Sparks & Triggers for Inspiration


Grace Fashion Princess
StudioSeedsKids: Gracie — an inspiration for all ages!


Harvey J. Kaye: Author, The Fight for the Four Freedoms


Dr. Donna Koch: Wife, Mother, Civic Leader, Grand Marshal


04_K as Missy_Friend as ER
Kathryn Smith: As Missy LeHand (right), Author: Gatekeeper


Matthew Lippman reading his poetry from his Parking Lot Poems Series
Matthew Lippman: Parking Lot Poems! Three-Thing Rule


Bob_Dee in Window
Bob Dee with Studio Petro: Musician, Rocker, Song-writer


Demetri Malki, De Novo Restaurateur of Happy and Delicious


Leah Umansky: Poet; Creator of COUPLET Reading Series


Suze Bienaimee, Creative Founder of StudioSeeds
Pushcart Prize Nominee, Interdisciplinary Artist, SuzeBienaimee.com

What inspires artists, poets, environmentalists, scientists, doctors, musicians, historians, collectors, philosophers, geeks? You?

StudioSeeds is for inspiration and exploring the seeds of creativity.

I’m very curious what inspires people and how it feeds creativity. The “Conversations” here on StudioSeeds.com, Tweets @StudioSeeds and posts @StudioSeeds_Inspire on Instagram and Facebook are to explore inspiration and creativity.

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